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Other Digital Services

In the social media world, multiple tasks must be fulfilled in order for a business to succeed. One2OneDigital makes it imperative to provide numerous services, all of which are supported by our highly trained staff.

Not only will you receive a strong web design, effective SEO and a growing social media agenda, but also additional services so your business successfully reaches various communities.

Mobile Development

A majority of all cell phone users own a smart phone. That being said, One2OneDigital provides businesses with a mobile app in order to make their website more user-friendly.

Our staff is available to:

  • Create a mobile version of your website that improves users’ experience with your site.
  • Create a brand for your business that is instantly recognizable, even on a smartphone.
  • Interact with your users based on their geographic location, as determined by their mobile device.
  • Create a mobile site that allows visitors to have access to your content whenever they want it.
  • Use QR codes—they bridge the gap between online media and offline content.

Tablet App Development

The tablet community is quickly growing and as a result, businesses have the advantage to be more successful today than ever before. Not only will we create a suitable website and mobile application, but in addition, we will create a professional tablet application.

We will successfully develop the following:

  • Format your website so that it is viewable in both portrait and landscape view.
  • Keep finger navigation in mind when designing your site.
  • Don’t let content get lost in a tablet version—use the correct coding with our help.
  • Keep in constant contact with your customers.
  • Design your website so that it can be bookmarked on a mobile or tablet device.

Click here to view a recent tablet app that we produced